SWAT will benefit organisations that wish to encode or query ontologies without having to learn specialist languages. Nowhere is this more obvious that in the medical and e-Science applications of our commercial collaborators.

World Health Organisation
(Bedirhan Ustun)
Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services Corp.
(Sam Brandt)
NHS Connecting for Health
(Ken Lunn)
Ordnance Survey
(Glen Hart)
University of Manchester, MyGrid project
(Carole Goble)
Stanford Centre for Biomedical Informatics Research (Mark Musen)

Further information...

SWAT is privileged to be collaborating with the organisations shown on this page, all of whom see the need for transparent authoring and presentation of ontological information. Our current collaborators address areas such as health provision (NHS, Siemens, WHO), e-Science (myGrid) and the wider Semantic Web community (the OWL controlled natural language task force and Stanford University). We are keen to hear from any organisation with an interest in joining the team of SWAT collaborators.


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